• Lowboard

Storage units

The lowboard rack, this can be customised with the addition of storage units. Two types of storage are offered: drawers and cupboard doors. Drawers provide a convenient solution for housing hi-fi accessories, while cupboard doors are useful to hide cables or put away games consoles.

These storage options are available as either single or triple units. The individual units can be combined and positioned as desired. For example, you could position a unit on each of the left and right hand side of your lowboard, leaving the centre space free for a centre speaker or other hi-fi component.


The Lowboard is also available in two heights. The Lowboard with a height of 65 cm (or 70 cm with spikes) is designed for convenience and comfort in operating your hi-fi system.
The Lowboard with a height of 45 cm (50 cm with spikes) is ideal if you want to house your system below a wall-mounted TV or projection screen.

Height:45 / 65cm
Width:180, 160, 140, 120 or 100cm
Compartment height: 21cm
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